Summer is upon us

Summer is upon us

Posted by Sharon Commerford on 8th May 2016

Well here it is almost summer and we are so very busy around here. We would like to welcome the National Park Travelers Club to the family of clubs that get their gear through our website. There is a link to their website on the page so that you can find out all about them and how to join.

And we have lots of new animals on the website. Especially in the 12 inch size. My personal fav is the hippo with the big blue eyes. But then that pink and purple dragon is pretty darn cute too. Hmmm. Hard to actually choose a favorite there.

We are temporarily out of the 16 inch elephants. The manufacturer originally thought they would be back this month but looks like it was delayed a bit. We hope to have them back in June. In the meantime we have 12 inch elephants and 19 inch elephants. So if you had your heart set on an elephant we still have you covered.

You will also find that we've added a selection of backpacks and caps as well as a luggage tag to the website. You can upload a photo to go on the luggage tag so you will have your own custom tag. We are adding all sorts of new items. I have a lot more to add. I have been very busy finding new, fun items to add.

I hope your summer gets off to a great start. Bye for now.