Goodbye To Summer

8th Aug 2023

As the warm embrace of summer slowly starts to fade, the anticipation for the upcoming holiday season begins to build. It's a time of transition, where we bid adieu to lazy beach days and ice cream … read more


Posted by Alison Schul on 3rd Jul 2023

It's been quite awhile since the last blog post and it's time to bring it back to life!As the new owners of Embroidery On Demand, we want to express our deep appreciation for the warm welcome we have … read more

Welcome Alison and Brad

Posted by Sharon Commerford on 15th Jan 2022

It’s been a crazy 11 years for Embroidery On Demand and we’ve been lucky enough to have some wonderful customers come our way. You’ve helped us grow more than we ever thought possible and kept us en … read more
All things change...

All things change...

Posted by Sharon Commerford on 20th Jul 2021

Well here it is July 2021 and we mostly survived the pandemic. Although I am not sure it is over yet with all the variants going around. We, like lots of you, lost some loved ones and friends in the p … read more