More New Animals Coming

More New Animals Coming

Posted by Sharon Commerford on 10th Feb 2016

We will soon have some new animals around here. 2 colors of unicorns, a new hippo and a very colorful squirrel are on their way soon. Then not long after that we should be getting a new owl and pug puppy. They will join the new colors of the baby elephant we recently added to the website. And I almost forgot that we just got a couple of great animals that are stuffed with a pillow that can be removed and used. Those are a bit bigger and will be great for a little bit older children. I'll try to get those on the website soon.

I do want to remind everyone that we will add a ribbon around the neck of the personalized stuffed animal if you request it. We do not normally put the ribbons on the animals because they are a choking hazard for babies and toddlers. So if you request a ribbon it will come with a warning to remove the ribbon before giving it to your little one.

Easter is around the corner and we have lots of bunnies in stock right now. Of course, any of the stuffed animals or sports pillows make a great Easter gift.

Place your order early and avoid the price increase that is coming in a month. Oh we hate to do that but unfortunately some of our stuff animals and pillows will go up by $1 or $2 soon. We try to keep the prices down for you as much as possible but sometimes we just have to pass on the increase we are paying for the goodies we personalize for you.