How pending legislation might effect your future orders

How pending legislation might effect your future orders

Posted by Sharon Commerford on 17th Feb 2017

Hi Everyone,

I usually stay away from anything political or religious in my capacity as President of Embroidery On Demand. But this one could actually be important to some of our customers who purchase from us on a regular basis. So here goes......

I received an email today from our 2 largest vendors of apparel and bags. It was asking that I contact our representatives about the pending "border adjustability tax". It got me thinking...if the tax proposal goes through as currently written it will increase our cost for apparel which will in turn cause our price to you to go up. The tax proposal is set to impose a tax of 20% on all imports.

Many of you will say, well we should buy American made products anyway. I’d love to, except there are only a handful of companies producing apparel in the USA right now. Those companies charge a very high price for their goods which means it will cost you more. I have had several people ask for American made products. After I gave those people the price for the American made products they have gone with the import approximately 97% of the time due to the price difference.

Here at Embroidery On Demand we always deal with companies that have warehouses here in the USA. We do not buy directly from overseas. At least we know there are people here in the United States being employed to do receiving, stocking, picking, shipping, customer service, sales and other office positions.

If the tax proposal passes a lot of small businesses in the apparel decoration business will go under. If that happens it will, in turn, cause the layoffs of many in those positions I listed above.

By the way, this tax will also cause the price of our stuffed animals, pillows and other items to go up. It is not just the apparel.

Before they impose such a tax I personally think they should come up with some sort of incentive for apparel and toy manufacturers to create their products here in the USA at reasonable prices. Then after we have some affordable options available to us here at home then propose the tax on the imports.

So please, if you don't want to see huge price increases in the products you get from us then contact your representatives and tell them this tax proposal is not good as it is currently written. To find your elected officials' contact information, follow this link -

On another note, we have several new, really cute stuffed animals so please check them out. And I have been told by our vendors that there are a couple more new ones in the works. So keep checking back to see what's new.

And finally, Just last week we got in a faux fur coat and hat for infants size 6 to 12 months. I only managed to get 3 sets and may not be able to get any more in the future. You can see it here: