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Exciting News

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Hi all. It has been an exciting spring around here. As many of you may be aware we were out of soccer balls for quite a while and are currently out of the dalmation blankie. Those outages were the direct cause of the work slow-down on the docks of the west coast harbors.The negotiation issues have finally been worked out and everyone is back to work I think. So we now have soccer balls in stock and will be getting the Dalmation puppy blankie in soon. Yipee!

Ok, now for the exciting news...

Those of you that know me know that I have a fascination with space and the stars. I guess my interest in the universe and what lies beyond started when I was very young. My dad worked on one of the space capsules in the Mercury program. He put the electrical systems in the Freedom 7 spacecraft, the one with the first man to go into space. Of course Alan Shepard only spent a few minutes in space during that flight but he was the first person ever to go there. I was immediately hooked. Dad brought me pictures and movies he checked out of the library at work. Anyway, as a result I have always been interested in anything NASA does. So you can just imagine how excited I am to tell you that one of the NASA teams has asked us to provide them shirts with their logo. And what’s even better is that you can order apparel with their logo too! They have a page on our website where the public can order shirts with the NASA MCAT Ascension Island logo. The MCAT stands for Meter-Class Autonomous Telescope and Ascension Island is located about half way between South America and Africa in the southern part of the Atlantic ocean. So get your NASA MCAT tee, tote or even children’s apparel here.

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