After a long silence....

After a long silence....

Posted by Sharon on 18th Jan 2019

Well it seems like it's only been a few months since I wrote here but it has actually been way more than a year. Where does time go? This past year was our busiest yet and kept us hopping. 

We added quite a few more sublimated items to our offerings. For those you that are not sure what that is, here is a technical explanation of sorts. We bought a special printer that will print up to a 13x19 inch design with a special ink that is actually a dye. Then we take that and heat press it at about 400 degrees to a specially treated surface or a 100% polyester fabric. When it cools down the dye is trapped in the fabric or the coating of the item such as a cup. 

Well that process is what we use to personalize the sequin drawstring backpacks that we sold a ton of this past Christmas. That was the 'in' gift this past season and I completely sold out of bags. We now have a few more in stock but it was crazy in December. 

We also welcomed quite a few new customers during 2018 and did a lot of stuffed animals during the year. Our birth announcement animals have always been popular but they seemed to be ordered even more often during 2018. More babies in 2018? We aren't sure but whatever the reason they were flying out the door. 

We hope that 2019 is as busy as 2018 (or better) and keep those suggestions coming for items you would like to see on our website. We did get more of the rhinestone designs out there in 2018 but there are a lot more to do. 

Thanks for being our customer.